About us


About us

Lingostasy is an educational platform for learning on demand Russian language with interactive lessons, audio stories, e-books and of course, online sessions with native speakers.

The purpose of studying a new language varies. Either could be to increase your salary or to have a more immersive experience while you are visiting a new country.

We offer the ultimate way of learning a new language easily and hustle-free.

Our approach is based on listening, engaging and surrounding yourself with people who know the language you are interested in.

At this stage, the platform can teach you Russian, but we have a long roadmap ahead with many new upcoming features and languages on our radar.

The lessons have been crafted with the way to be engaged and fun at the same time. Also, you can easily press the β€œbook me” button from the very top of the page to reserve a spot for having a live session with me.

Our team is really looking forward to seeing you on lingostasy.com!


Founder & Co-Founders

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